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Report shows the way to improve the lives of all children and young people

June 2017

The UNICEF Innocenti Report Card for 2016 provides a template for how to improve the lives of children and young people living in the most difficult circumstances.

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Children’s views shape the future of Christchurch

June 2017

28 June - The future residents of Christchurch took centre stage today to present their ideas for the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor.

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State of Care 2017: A focus on Oranga Tamariki's secure residences

May 2017

The conditions for children in many of New Zealand’s secure residences are prison-like, dated and bleak, and it’s time to move on better alternatives, Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft says.

A new report from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner shows the care of young people in Oranga Tamariki residences is improving but fundamental changes are needed.

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New Zealand and Canterbury rugby to be applauded on new child-centred approach to misconduct

May 2017

Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft is congratulating the New Zealand and Canterbury rugby unions on a new approach to work better with young players accused of misconduct.

“It’s right that young people are held to account when they have breached the code of behaviour expected but how they are held to account is also critically important. We need to remember that we’re dealing with children, not grownups. Using an adult process is not appropriate for a young teenager.”

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Budget 2017 provides more assurance for kids in care

May 2017

More funding for independent monitoring has been hailed by the Children’s Commissioner as a significant step forward for children in the care and protection and youth justice systems.

The Government has provided an increase of $0.5 million in Budget 2017, which will help cover up to 6.4 full-time staff positions for the 2017/18 year.

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Budget 2017 good news for Kiwi kids

May 2017

The Family Incomes Package revealed in Budget 2017 has been welcomed by the Children’s Commissioner as good news for children living in families experiencing severe poverty.

“According to the Child Poverty Monitor released in December 2016, 85-90,000 Kiwi kids live in severe hardship. The latest changes to tax thresholds and assistance build on the benefit rate increases in 2016 to relieve the pressure for those Kiwis who are just getting by,” said Judge Andrew Becroft.

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