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Supplementary report to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child

Children's Commissioner

September 2016

In September 2016 Children's Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft attended the 73rd session of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. This supplementary report outlines his concerns about the rights of children in New Zealand and opportunities for improvement.

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State of Care 2016

June 2016


June 2016

State of Care 2016 is an annual report based on our independent monitoring of Child, Youth and Family’s policies, practices and services. It includes feedback from children and young people about their experiences in the system.

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Being Child-Centred

Elevating children's interests in the work of your organisation

Office of the Children's Commissioner

October 2015

Being child-centred is about elevating the status of children's interests and views in the decision-making processes of your organisation. Consider the impact on children and take their voices into account.

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State of Care 2015


August 2015

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OPCAT Annual Report 2014

Published by the Human Rights Commission

December 2014

This is the seventh annual report of
New Zealand’s National Preventive
Mechanism (NPM), a monitoring
mechanism established under the
Optional Protocol to the Convention
against Torture and Other Cruel,
Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or
Punishment (OPCAT).

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Legislating to reduce child poverty

Research brief

John Hancock

May 2014

High levels of child poverty have stark social implications. It is now well documented that children who grow up in poor households are also more likely to experience adverse outcomes in other facets of their life.
There is growing recognition that a systematic policy approach is required if child poverty in New Zealand and its broad social impact are to be sustainably reduced. Using legislation to embed a child poverty reduction strategy is one approach to consider. This Research Brief is based on a research paper by John Hancock and explores the impacts child poverty legislation has had in the UK, and what lessons New Zealand can take from that approach.

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Looking for our parenting guides or posters?

We have moved to online publication of our reports and guides and no longer have hard copies available to order. We have also discontinued the 'Behaviour' series of brochures and posters.

SKIP (Strategies with kids/Information for parents) has some helpful resources available for parents and those working with parents.

Our popular booklet 'Choose to Hug' is available to download.

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