We advocate for the interests, rights and wellbeing of children and young people

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OCC NZ UPR Snippet

Third Universal Periodic Review of New Zealand’s Human Rights Performance Submission


12 Jul 2018

A submission from the Office of the Children's Commissioner to the Universa

spe2018 2019

Statement of Performance Expectations 2018 - 19

Corporate documents

3 Jul 2018

2018 Top Priorities Snippet

Children's Commissioner's priorities

Corporate documents

1 Jul 2018

I advocate for the interests, rights & wellbeing of children and monitor the services provided under the Children, Young Persons, and Their Families Act. I have set four top priorities for this year.

Case study Maori

Case study: In-depth engagement with tamariki & rangatahi Māori


29 Jun 2018

A series of focus groups and inteviews for rich stories as part of Tama-te-rā Ariki series of engagement

Drinking and drug use in pregnancy: It’s not OK


12 Jun 2018

The report “It’s never too early, never too late" from the Office of the Chief Science Advisor, Sir Peter Gluckman, reminds us that it is never too early to address the problem of youth offending.

OCC Newsletter: June 2018


8 Jun 2018

Bringing different perspectives together to tackle child poverty, standing against bullying, and building the future of education.

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