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Submission on banning seclusion in schools

Office of the Children's Commissioner

January 2017

The Commissioner supports banning seclusion in schools which we understood to be illegal already. Children should not be locked up in schools. Guidelines about use of physical restraint should be supported by training and resources for teachers.

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Giving students a say in their own education

Submission from the Office of The Children’s Commissioner on the Education (Update) Amendment Bill

Office of the Children's Commissioner

November 2016

The education system exists for children, and they are its most important stakeholders. Changes to the Education Act should be grounded in thier best interests and informed by their views. The Office of the Children's Commissioner is concerned that the amendments do not take these in to account, and we recommend the Bill be stopped until children's best interests and voices have been considered properly.

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Children riding bikes on footpaths

August 2016

Children currently ride on footpaths and most don't know it's illegal. Read our submission to hear what children said on this topic. We support further consideration of the petition with particular attention given to the safety implications of making such a change

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CYPF (Advocacy, Workforce, and Age settings) Amendment Bill (2016)

Office of the Children's Commissioner

July 2016

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner supports the direction of the final report from the Expert Advisory Panel and the Government’s objective of reforming the care and protection and youth justice systems to ensure they are child-centred. This bill is the first in a series of legislative changes to give effect to these reforms.
This bill is a positive development, but we are concerned that it does not go far enough to ensure the new operating model is child-centred.

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Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill (No. 2)

Office of the Children's Commissioner

June 2016

More than half of all New Zealand children living in poverty are in private rental properties. Improving the quality of rental accommodation in New Zealand has been a major focus of the current Commissioner, Dr Russell Wills.

With that in mind, we support the intent of this bill to make every rental home warm and dry for tenants – especially children.

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Social Security Legislation Rewrite Bill


Office of the Children's Commissioner

June 2016

It is in everyone’s interests for New Zealand’s social security legislation to be easier to understand and use.

That being said, we are concerned that the Bill as currently drafted misses an opportunity to take a genuine investment approach for children. It also poses some significant risks of worsening short and long term outcomes for children.

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