We advocate for the interests, rights and wellbeing of children and young people

Definition of Children

We use the United Nations definition of 'children' as meaning those aged from 0 up to 18 years old. The term 'young person' is often used for older children over about 13.

Being child-centred

"Being child-centred" is an OCC paper that provides detail about what it means to be child-centred.

The Ministry of Social Development has developed a Child Impact Assessment Tool on how to consider children during decision-making. 

Six methods for engaging with kids

Surveys are ideal if you need information from large numbers of children and young people

Focus groups are good for in-depth discussions on a topic with a small number of children and young people

Advisory groups can provide on-going feedback, advice and recommendations to an organisation

Child-led tours are appropriate for very young children and can explore their perspectives on a place

Artistic methods provide opportunities for children and young people to express their views in alternative ways

In-depth interviews are useful to collect rich data on sensitive matters with each child

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Being child-centred

This section defines what being child-centred means, why it's important, and provides a tool to help you make child-centred decisions.

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What children tell us

This section includes views and voices of children from our engagement with them. We include children's voices and perspective in our work, and help them to have a say on government policy and decisio...

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How to engage with children

This section helps you work through your planning process for engaging with children and provides tips and advice on the various engagement methods you can choose.

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Resources and further info

In this section you can find out more about the ethics process, police vetting and research on the topic of child and youth engagement.                                                                 ...

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