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What Makes a Good Life for Disabled Children and Young People?


12 October 2021

As part of our engagement with children and young people for our What Makes a Good Life? report, we heard from 474 disabled children and young people through survey and face-to-face engagements.

We heard from disabled children and young people four key insights into what a good life meant for them, and what got in the way of experiencing a good life.

Disabled children and young people told us that:

Acceptance: Discrimination is widely experienced by disabled children and young people

Accessibility: A lack of accessibility gets in the way of the good life

Safety: Unique for all of us

Education: To work better for us, be flexible and supportive

Employment: Job opportunities and being supported is important to us

Whānau: We want support from, and for, friends, families, whānau and communities

Further information is available in the full What Makes a Good Life? report on our website


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