Ngā Reo Mokopuna

Voices of Mokopuna

Mokopuna can only live their best lives when they have a genuine say about things that affect them. All mokopuna in Aotearoa have the right to a genuine voice in issues that matter. It is up to everyone, including leaders, policy makers and communities to make sure the voices of mokopuna are heard and acted on. When mokopuna have a say, policy works a lot better for them, their whānau, and their community.

Engaging with Mokopuna on the Curriculum refresh

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) are working with the Ministry of Education (MoE) to ensure mokopuna have a say in the curriculum refresh by setting up three Youth Voices Groups to work with us over the next two years.

The three groups will be:

  • Rangatahi Māori - mokopuna from diverse backgrounds who whakapapa Māori
  • Disabled Youth - mokopuna from diverse backgrounds living with a disability and
  • Diverse Youth - mokopuna from diverse backgrounds including Pacific and other ethnic backgrounds.

The groups will work to ensure mokopuna voices are heard as key decisions are made throughout the curriculum refresh.

We are requesting nominations of suitable mokopuna from organisations, schools and other agencies who hold trusting and sustained relationship with the mokopuna they are nominating and who are prepared to support them throughout their involvement. .

Please fill out the form with the young person you are nominating.

For any questions get in touch at

Find out more and send a nomination
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Mai World

Mai World: Child and Youth Voices aims to listen to, engage with, and reflect the voices of mokopuna and share them with decision makers. Our team works with mokopuna from all around Aotearoa to understand what they think about a range of topics. We then share their thoughts so they can guide government and community decision making, as well as the work we do.

What mokopuna have told us

Below you can find what mokopuna have told us about education and wellbeing (click on the down arrow to toggle between the two topics):

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14 March 2018 Reports

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14 March 2018 Reports

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31 January 2018 Reports

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