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Submission Right to attend school June2019

Submission: Access to Education for All at School


13 Jun 2019

The Office of the Children's Commissioner's submission for the proposed Education Act amendment about the right to attend school.

HealthDisability Submission

Health & Disability System Review


30 May 2019

The Health and Disability System Review is being undertaken in 2019 to consider how to make it a fairer, more equitable system.


Safer viewing online for children and young people


26 May 2019

Children, young people and their families should feel safe viewing film and video content regardless of its source. This submission supports the intention of improving the classification system.

Future Schooling submission cover

Submission on Future Schooling for New Zealand Children


9 Apr 2019

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner has submitted feedback on the Tomorrow’s Schools Review Taskforce’s report that reviewed the compulsory schooling system in New Zealand.

CYW Stategy Submission cover

Submission on The Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy


11 Jan 2019

A submission from the Office of the Children's Commissioner on the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy.