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What makes me happy


1 Sep 2015

School Voices Survey – I am happy when…

Monitoring Framework cover

Our Monitoring Framework


1 Aug 2015


State of Care 2015: What we learnt from monitoring Child, Youth and Family


1 Aug 2015

This is the Office’s first annual State of Care report. It summarises what we learnt from monitoring Child, Youth and Family (CYF) in 2014-15.


OPCAT Annual Report 2014


1 Dec 2014

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Legislating to reduce child poverty


1 May 2014

This Research Brief is based on a research paper by John Hancock and explores the impacts child poverty legislation has had in the UK, and what lessons New Zealand can take from that approach.

Looking for our parenting guides or posters?

We have moved to online publication of our reports and guides and no longer have hard copies available to order. We have also discontinued the 'Behaviour' series of brochures and posters.

SKIP (Strategies with kids/Information for parents) has some helpful resources available for parents and those working with parents.

Our popular booklet 'Choose to Hug' is available to download.

choose to hug