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Mai world Education Matters Case Study cover

Case study: The Education matters to me series


31 May 2018

An example of child and youth engagement through combined methods: face to face, postcard and survey.

Getting It Right Building Blocks Apr 2018 cover

Getting It Right: Building Blocks


11 Apr 2018

The report looks at how the New Zealand Government can build the foundations for implementing the Children’s Convention in Aotearoa.

Transitions cover

Education matters to me: Transitions


14 Mar 2018

Children and young people who experience multiple transitions each year or high staff turnover in their classrooms need extra support to develop and maintain relationships with each new teacher.

Progress and Achievement cover

Education matters to me: Progress and achievement


14 Mar 2018

Children and young people had a broad and holistic view of achievement in their own lives. Relationships are a key motivator for them, to attend school and keep trying to improve.

If I were the boss cover

Education matters to me: If I were the boss


14 Mar 2018

We heard that children and young people want their school to be more fun, to provide them with better opportunities to play and explore for themselves, both inside and outside the classroom.

Engagements cover

Education matters to me: Engagement


14 Mar 2018

Children and young people spoke about a wide range of factors that keep them engaged with school, such as feeling that their teachers know and respect them, and understand the way they learn.

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