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If I were the boss cover

Education matters to me: If I were the boss


14 Mar 2018

We heard that children and young people want their school to be more fun, to provide them with better opportunities to play and explore for themselves, both inside and outside the classroom.

Engagements cover

Education matters to me: Engagement


14 Mar 2018

Children and young people spoke about a wide range of factors that keep them engaged with school, such as feeling that their teachers know and respect them, and understand the way they learn.

Emotional Wellbeing cover

Education matters to me: Emotional wellbeing


14 Mar 2018

Children and young people talked about the range of significant relationships that exist in their worlds and how these relationships either enable them to achieve or prevent them from achieving.

Experiences of Maori cover2

Education matters to me: Experiences of tamariki and rangatahi Māori


14 Mar 2018

While many of the concerns in this report are shared by Māori and non-Māori children and young people, we also heard about particular issues that tamariki and rangatahi Māori experience differently.

TTRA Voices cover

Child and Youth Voices: Tama-te-rā Ariki


13 Mar 2018

We wanted to learn about the lived experience of rangatahi and tamariki Māori, so we asked them.

2018 Feb Classifications

Case study: Listening to young New Zealanders


28 Feb 2018

A case study of engaging with young people on viewing sexual violence in entertainment media.

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