We advocate for the interests, rights and wellbeing of children and young people

‘This is how I see it’


1 Jan 2010

We worked with child, young people, and organisations to explore poverty and how it affects children and young people. The result is this collection of photos, poems, artwork and stories.

schools safety

School safety


1 Feb 2009

Generic pic

Omnibus survey report


1 Nov 2008

A fair go for all children 2008

A Fair Go for all Children


1 Aug 2008

This report includes a series of proposals for reducing child poverty – some are broad, long-term preventative measures, while others are specific and short term.

Looking for our parenting guides or posters?

We have moved to online publication of our reports and guides and no longer have hard copies available to order. We have also discontinued the 'Behaviour' series of brochures and posters.

SKIP (Strategies with kids/Information for parents) has some helpful resources available for parents and those working with parents.

Our popular booklet 'Choose to Hug' is available to download.

choose to hug