We advocate for the interests, rights and wellbeing of children and young people

We provide advice to the Prime Minister, Ministers, Select Committees, government and non-government organisations on child rights and wellbeing. We engage directly with Māori organisations, and iwi providers.

Our advice focusses on issues affecting children at a systemic level. For example, we provide advice on policies and practices related to the education system, enhancing child wellbeing, and improving supports for children and young people in contact with Oranga Tamariki—Ministry for Children.

We advocate for legislation, policy, approaches and practices that will enhance aspects of child wellbeing. 

We also encourage best practice by providing advice on tools that support child-centred decision making and children’s participation, such as the government’s Child Impact Assessment tool.

Our advice is informed by the views of children and young people. We support children and young people’s participation in a number of ways, including through our Mai World: Child and Youth Voices project.

We raise awareness and understanding of children’s rights and the Children’s Convention and monitor how well New Zealand is implementing it.

Convening the Children’s Convention Monitoring Group is one way that we advance and monitor the implementation of the Children’s Convention in Aotearoa.

We provide advice about specific issues by making submissions. Read our recent submissions

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