We advocate for the interests, rights and wellbeing of children and young people

Sometimes we are contacted directly by children, young people, families or whānau with concerns about the quality of services provided to them by Oranga Tamariki. We also receive complaints from professionals and others, made on behalf of children, young people and their families or whānau.

We investigate and review concerns about the quality of Oranga Tamariki services on a case by case basis.

In most cases, we support the person who has shared their concern with us and help them make a formal complaint to Oranga Tamariki. They can also request that we monitor the progress of the investigation.

In some cases, if we have particular concerns for the immediate wellbeing of a child or young person, we ask Oranga Tamariki for full details of the situation, actions taken, proposed solutions and any responses they have provided. We then assess their response and ensure that appropriate action has been taken to resolve the issue.

We have the mandate to investigate any concerns on a case by case basis or to monitor Oranga Tamariki’s investigation and resolution of any complaint. Read about the legislation.