We advocate for the interests, rights and wellbeing of children and young people

Having considered the reasons to invest in children, what they need at different stages of development, which of these needs are priorities, and who needs the most help to improve future outcomes, you have chosen to do something to help children.

But how do you decide what, exactly, to do?

We have developed six basic aspects to think about or explore before investing time and money to support children and their families / whānau.  Click on the links below for advice about each of these six basics.

The full content and advice can be found in the PDF in the box on the right.


        Diagram of six basics jigsaw puzzle

know your goal piece 

Know your goal. What do you really want to achieve and why?  Knowing your goal will keep you motivated.

know your community piece

Know your community. Talk to leaders and children to find out what are the greatest needs in your chosen area.  Do an 'environment scan' of existing activities, who is funding and providing services, and identify the current unmet needs of children and their families.

choose your giving method piece

Choose your giving method - e.g. donate to other existing charities, provide grants, give your services, products or time, or do collaborative investing through partnerships.

get the right mix of skills piece

Get the right mix of skills for making good decisions and strategies, communicating, collaborating and investing.

develop a strategy piece

Develop a strategy that aims to achieve your goal.

review your giving piece

You should close the loop by reviewing (evaluating) whether your giving has achieved progress towards your goal.

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Expanded version: the six basics

The content on this page is just a summary of advice for wise giving.

While the links take you to each of the six basics, the full version you can download below contains all the details about the work you need to do before you decide how to invest in children.

Full version: Six basics of wise giving