We advocate for the interests, rights and wellbeing of children and young people


Giving2Kids is a joint partnership between Philanthropy New Zealand and the Office of the Children's Commissioner.

The idea for Giving2Kids came about after a number of businesses and organisations asked us how they could play their part in reducing child poverty.

So we put together information on why, how, and where to invest in our children, and includes 50 plus evidence-based ideas to consider.

Questions? Comments? Get in touch

Email us at childpoverty@occ.org.nz or children@occ.org.nz with Giving2Kids in the subject line.


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Why give to kids?

Poverty has serious consequences for a child experiencing it every day. Poverty also affects the whole country, with more pressure on health and education services and a less productive workforce.

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Where to target your giving

Two factors will help givers make good decisions: knowing which children have the greatest needs and where there is potential to make the biggest impact on lives.

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Who should do what?

People have different roles in the solutions to child poverty. The government, communities, and families all have roles to play.

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What do kids need?

Discover what kids need at different stages of their childhood, plus tips on where you can make the biggest impact on their lives.Children and young people experience five key stages of development as...

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Six basics of wise giving

Having considered the reasons to invest in children, what they need at different stages of development, which of these needs are priorities, and who needs the most help to improve future outcomes, you...

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How to work together

Working alongside existing charities can create greater impacts. Some investment methods help people work together better and increase the chances of good outcomes.                                    ...

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