We advocate for the interests, rights and wellbeing of children and young people

Six methods for engaging with kids

Surveys are ideal if you need information from large numbers of children and young people

Focus groups are good for in-depth discussions on a topic with a small number of children and young people

Advisory groups can provide on-going feedback, advice and recommendations to an organisation

Child-led tours are appropriate for very young children and can explore their perspectives on a place

Artistic methods provide opportunities for children and young people to express their views in alternative ways

In-depth interviews are useful to collect rich data on sensitive matters with each child

Before you engage

This page helps you work through your planning process for engaging with children.It is designed to help you feel confident the process will be effective for your organisation and safe and meaningful ...

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Examples of engagement

We try to model best practice for engaging children and young people, as well as encouraging other organisations to do the same. These examples are from our work as well as from other organisations.

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Engagement methods

This page introduces six different methods for engaging with children.
Each engagement method has strengths, weaknesses and some 'dos and don'ts'. Find out more in the guides below.

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