We advocate for the interests, rights and wellbeing of children and young people

Priority Outcome 1

Priority Outcome 2

Ensuring that children and young people in
the care of Oranga Tamariki are receiving quality services that improve their outcomes and wellbeing

Advocating for vulnerable children to receive the services and resources they need to thrive and reach their potential

What we do
What we do

We monitor the quality of services provided
to children by Oranga Tamariki.

Through our regular monitoring of the policies and practices Oranga Tamariki site offices and residences, we’re helping to ensure that children are receiving the best possible care and services.

We advocate for the rights and wellbeing of children.

We provide strategic advice to the government and the wider social sector on how to achieve the best outcomes for children, particularly disadvantaged children, such as those living in poverty and deprivation, and in care of the state.

How we do it
How we do it

Our Monitoring Team visits Oranga Tamariki site offices and reviews the quality of their social work practices and services.

We produce a report with recommendations for improvements to their strategies, polices and practices. We share our findings with site managers and Oranga Tamariki.

We also make announced and unannounced visits to Oranga Tamariki residences. We work with the management and the Oranga Tamariki national office to improve the services provided to children in residential care.

Our residential visits are guided by our monitoring framework and OPCAT.

We track the number of children living in poverty through our Child Poverty Monitor. We publish the results annually every December.

We provide evidence-based advice to the Government on how to reduce child poverty and hardship for families. Our work from the Expert Advisory Group forms the foundation of this advice.

Through our Giving2Kids project, we talk with organisations and businesses on how they can make meaningful investments in children.

Listening2Kids provides online tools and resources for agencies to help them consider the interests of children in their decisions, and to help them seek the views of children.

We strive to include the voices of children in all our advocacy work.

Our priority is children

Children and young people under the age of 18 are a core part of our society. Yet they lack representation in the democratic process. They have limited power and influence on the major decisions that impact them.

The role of the Children’s Commissioner is to be their voice.

Children growing up in poverty and deprivation have worse outcomes in health and education, and go without the things many consider to be essential. Children in state care are especially vulnerable to worse outcomes.

Our priorities reflect these realities for a significant number of children in New Zealand.

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