We advocate for the interests, rights and wellbeing of children and young people

We want to korero with you, so we can share your views!

This page shows some ways that you can have your say, and hear about some opinions that children and young people like you have shared before on things that are important to them.

TAHI: Have your say now

Have your say right now through the Child and Youth Voices Project.

RUA: What you've said

We have talked to lots of children and young people like you about a range of different topics. Read the reports.

TORU: Other ways to have your say

Fun ways to have your say through organisations:

  1. Participate in the OCC Child and Youth Voices Project 
  2. Join U-Report a new Unicef project for young people
  3. Take Save the Children's Happynomics Survey when it comes to your school
  4. Join your school's council or a local Youth Council
  5. Take part in fun Youth Week stuff
  6. Apply for Youth Parliament
  7. Join a youth or community group
  8. Join an online or real-life group, like Generation Zero or Rainbow Youth and have your say while raising awareness of issues you care about. 

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Mai World: Child and Youth Voices Project


Learn more about our Child and Youth Voices Project 

In our latest survey, you told us you would like to have your say by:

  1. Taking part in focus groups
  2. Having someone come and talk to you at your school
  3. Filling out surveys on important issues
  4. Talking with a trusted person
  5. Writing a letter to Politicians
  6. Sending an email to the Government

Have YOUR say NOW

Korero mai e hoa ma, share your opinion with the Children's Commissioner NOW