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Compass update

Office of the Children’s Commissioner

April 2013

An update on our Compass project which is supporting DHBs to identify, showcase and share innovation and good practice to improve in child and youth health services and reduce inequities.

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The Child & Youth Health Compass Questionnaire Tool

Office of the Children’s Commissioner

March 2013

The Compass Questionnaire Tool allows DHBs to identify examples of exemplary practice, innovation, and resources that can be shared to improve health services for children and young people.

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Children’s right to good health

Office of the Children’s Commissioner

June 2006

This report reviews child and youth health strategic documents, and identifies areas of concern around the extent to which our children enjoy their right to good health and health care.

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Safety of Children in Hospital

Office of the Children’s Commissioner

January 2006

The Office undertook an investigation into the safety of children following two incidents where infants hospitalised with suspected accidental injury were abused again while in hospital. The purpose of the investigation was to suggest a model for implementation in all District Health Boards to safeguard children who are admitted to hospital with a suspected non-accidental injury.

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Looking for our parenting guides or posters?

We have moved to online publication of our reports and guides and no longer have hard copies available to order. We have also discontinued the 'Behaviour' series of brochures and posters.

SKIP (Strategies with kids/Information for parents) has some helpful resources available for parents and those working with parents.

Our popular booklet 'Choose to Hug' is available to download.

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