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UN-funded report another reason to stop locking New Zealand children in police cells

April 2017

Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft says a new United Nations-funded report is more compelling evidence why New Zealand should stop locking children in police cells.

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Once in a lifetime opportunity to do better for New Zealand children and young people

March 2017

The Children’s Commissioner says there will never be a better chance in our lifetimes to improve the lives of the children and young people who need it most than with the launch of the new Oranga Tamariki.

Judge Andrew Becroft says the new agency’s vision must make a genuine difference to children and young people in either care and protection, or in the youth justice system.

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Child Poverty Monitor: Targets and a plan are overdue

Child Poverty Monitor

December 2016

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Children’s Commissioner says UN report must be taken seriously

October 2016

Children’s Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft says he welcomes the latest UN report outlining how well New Zealand is upholding children’s rights and well-being.
“I’m reassured that an expert international Committee has so accurately identified what is needed to improve the lives of our children. They have made a number of very appropriate and considered recommendations,” Commissioner Judge Becroft said.

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State of Care 2016: move to child-centred culture must begin now

Children's Commissioner Dr Russell Wills

June 2016

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Children’s Commissioner – ‘vulnerable children deserve this radical change’


April 2016

Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills welcomes today’s announcement on the proposed radical changes to the child protection and care system.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that this piece of work is visionary and has potential to change the lives of many vulnerable children. If all the recommendations are accepted and implemented and resourced well – we would have a system that is world-leading and something to be very proud of."

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