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Open letter from Children's Commissioner

November 2013

To those it concerns,

Do your children see you get angry and shout? Have they watched you lash out at their mum? Do they cower in the corner when you enter a room? Are they frightened of you?
It doesn’t have to be like this for your children. It shouldn’t be like this.
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Good progress on child poverty but big task still ahead, Children’s Commissioner’s expert group says

Expert Advisory Group on Solutions to Child Poverty

October 2013

Reducing child poverty is our most important social challenge and New Zealand needs to get more serious about the task ahead, an expert group on child poverty says.

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Commissioner welcomes greater protection for vulnerable children

August 2013

The announcement of legislative changes to protect vulnerable children reflects an important shift in the balance between respecting a parent’s rights and ensuring a child’s right to be safe.

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A good start

May 2013

Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills has acknowledged the Government’s formal response to his Expert Advisory Group (EAG) report Solutions to Child Poverty in New Zealand: Evidence for Action.

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Food in Schools - let’s get it right

May 2013

Dr Wills, Children’s Commissioner, says he is pleased that today’s announcements about food in schools include more money for KidsCan.

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Budget announcements on child poverty a good start

May 2013

Today’s budget announcements on child poverty are good first steps for our most vulnerable children, says Dr Russell Wills, Children’s Commissioner.

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