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Children's Commissioner's statement on expert panel report

September 2015

Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills today welcomed the interim report from the Modernising Child, Youth and Family Expert Panel.

“The report makes sad reading, but sets out a promising platform for the next stage of reform - with children at the centre," said Dr Wills.

"Many of the findings closely reflect what my Office found and reported on last month in State of Care 2015 and what others in the sector have been saying for some time.

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Budget a surprise but not a plan

- Children's Commissioner

May 2015

“I’m surprised” says Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills following today’s Budget announcement. “I wasn’t expecting Government to increase incomes for the poorest families with children.”

“I’m pleased to see the Government has recognised that incomes for families with children matter, and has raised incomes for both beneficiary families and those working.

“A weekly rise in benefits of up to $25 for families at the hardest end will be helpful for a family with one child, though less so for those with more children, as the increase is per family, rather than per child. It’s also a pity these children have to wait another year - a year is a long time in the life of a child.

“Let’s be clear, a one-off increase is not a plan for child poverty.

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No better time to track progress on child poverty

Child Poverty Monitor media statement

December 2014

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Big job ahead despite slight decrease in child poverty

Child Poverty Monitor

July 2014

New data from MSD suggests a slight decrease in child poverty, however one in four New Zealand children are still missing out.

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Children’s Commissioner agrees Health Committee recommendations need action

April 2014

The Children’s Commissioner supports the statement by the Health Select
Committee released today that asks the Government to implement the
recommendations made by the Committee.

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More comprehensive plan needed for child well-being

March 2014

Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills says the Government’s response to the Health Select Committee report will see better outcomes for children, but misses the big picture.

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