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Children issue 84

Faiths against violence

March 2014

This edition of Children explores some of the issues and experiences of the faith community when seeking to address family violence.

It includes some inspiring first-hand stories from those training faith leaders - and articles that examine the complex role of faiths that wish to address family violence in their communities.

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Children Issue 82

Making best practice standard practice in child and youth health

In this edition, experts in child and youth health discuss how to make 'best practice' standard practice.

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Children issue 81

Who gets to play? Promoting participation In ECE for all children

This edition looks at early childhood education, and particularly how to lift participation of Māori and Pasifika children.

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Children issue 83

Communities in action: Growing our kids

This edition examines the role communities and non-government organisations play in alleviating some of the effects of poverty on children and their families, and in turn strengthening communities.

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Children issue 80

Collaborating for our children

This edition looks at collaboration - a solution to problems that are complex and cross sector boundaries.

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Children issue 79

Children and poverty - moving beyond the rhetoric

This edition takes an in-depth look at child poverty, and discusses the challenges and opportunities involved in making progress on addressing the issue.

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'Children' journal discontinued

The Children's Commissioner's journal Children is no longer published. Thank you to all those who contributed to the journal over the years on the various topics and themes related to children's issues.

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