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Five years on the road to addressing child poverty

May 2016

As Children’s Commissioner, I made child poverty a priority for my term, and convening the EAG was a critical component.

As I come toward the end of my five-year term as Children’s Commissioner, it is timely to reflect on the progress in addressing child poverty in New Zealand – there are some things to be pleased about, but still much left unchanged.

This document provides an account the main areas of progress, and sets out my view on what still needs to happen for the children of New Zealand.

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Choose kids: Why investing in children benefits all New Zealanders

Why investing in children benefits all New Zealanders

September 2014

New Zealand needs every single child to thrive in order to support a future of high productivity, innovation, economic growth and improved social cohesion. Currently we have a significant proportion of children who are not getting what they need to thrive. This paper outlines why we will all benefit if we invest better in children so they can succeed.

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Guidelines for food in schools programmes

Full guidelines

February 2014

Practical guide for schools wanting to improve an existing food in schools programme, or implement a new one. Includes advice on where to start, how to get parents involved and templates for getting the views of children and young people.

Download (pdf 942 KB)

Guidelines for food in schools programmes

A quick guide

February 2014

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Child Poverty in NZ: Building on progress to date

Expert Advisory Group

October 2013

This paper reflects on the progress since the release of the 'Solutions to Child Poverty in New Zealand: Evidence for action' report. It also identifies key areas where further effort is required.

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Solutions to child poverty - evidence for action

Expert Advisory Group final report

December 2012

The Expert Advisory Group's final report, which includes 78 recommendations and a list of initial priorities for actions.

Download (pdf 3.8 MB)

Evidence for Action: Solutions to Child Poverty in New Zealand

Think your school needs a food programme?

We have developed guidelines for schools wanting to improve an existing food in schools programme or begin a new one. The guidelines include tips on how to get started, how to incorporate the programme into the curriculum and how to get the community/parents on board.


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