We advocate for the interests, rights and wellbeing of children and young people

The State of Care report series is an annual summary from our independent monitoring of Oranga Tamariki’s policies, practices and services. It includes feedback from children and young people about their experiences in the system.

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Fulfilling the Vision: Improving Family Group Conference preparation and participation 

State of Care 2017: A focus on Oranga Tamariki's secure residences

State of Care 2016

State of Care 2015

Our monitoring framework

Since our inception, we have monitored the policies and practices of Oranga Tamariki (previously CYF).

We are mandated to carry out this function under the Children's Commissioner's Act.

Our monitoring framework aims to support a continuous learning culture in Oranga Tamariki, and encourages the sharing and implementation of best practice across the organisation.

In developing our new framework, we agreed what constitutes good practice with Oranga Tamariki, so when we engage with staff on our visits, and give feedback on their performance, we are working from a shared understanding of what best practice looks like.

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